Aromatherapy Oils Top 6 Essential Oil Gift Set

  • $14.99

Top 6 Therapeutic Essential Oils Set Ideal for medical,health and beauty,spa,massage,home cleaning purpose.

All of our essential oils are natural and 100% pure,widly used as diffuser oils, aromatherapy oils ,humidifier oils,etc.
Items Included: 6 10ML Bottles Aromatherapy Pure Essential Oils


Orange Essential Oil: Powerful cleanser and purifying agent.Protects against seasonal and environmental threats etc
Lavender Essential Oil: Universal oil. Soothes occasional skin irritations.Helps skin recover quickly.Eases muscle tension etc
Tea Tree Essential Oil: leansing and rejuvenating effect on the skin.Promotes healthy immune function etc
Peppermint Essential Oil: Promotes healthy respiratory function and clear breathing.Alleviates stomach upset etc
Eucalyptus Essential Oil: Assists with clear breathing.Supports overall respiratory health.Soothes tired, sore muscles etc
Lemongrass Essential Oil: Supports healthy digestion.Soothes aching muscles and tendons.Purifies and tones skin etc

Benefits of diffusing essential oils:
1.Clears the air of dust and bacteria
2.Affects mood
3.Absorbed easily by the body
4.Be nurturing to the respiratory system, including the sinuses.
5.Have a supportive affect on moods, the hormonal system, tension, etc.
6.Increase indoor air quality or help protect against environmental threats.

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