Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

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Say goodbye to discolored, yellow teeth caused by coffee, smoking, tea ......
Just use one tooth whitening kit to give you a bright whiter smile.
You can use this professional tooth whitening kit at home just like a professional dentist.
Get the same results while saving thousands of dollars.
1.Rapidly remove surface stains and penetrate deeply to remove embedded stains.
2.Easy to operate, convenient to use.
3.Speed up the whitening process.
4.Save money.
5.Compact portable design.
How to Use:
1.Wash the tooth whitening light with warm water. Clean and wipe off the LED light before using it.
2.Use the oral brush up to clean your teeth first.
3.Use the shade guide to find your initial, starting tooth color, so that you can see the change in the coloration after using it.
4.Connect the USB cable to the LED light.
5.Apply the whitening gel to both sides of the LED light.
6.Put the LED light into your mouth for 20-30 minutes, and then brush your teeth after whitening them.
7.Use the shade guide to see your tooth color after treating them.
Package Includes:
1 x Tooth Whitening LED light
2 x Tooth Whitening Gel Syringes
6 x Teeth Wipe Brush Ups
1 x Printed Tooth Shade Guide

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